Feel Better

Through safe and effective relief from pain and tension.

Move Better

With better flexibility, strength and improved spinal function.

Get Back to your Best

A Healthy Spine = a Healthier life!

Maximise your performance / Sports Injuries & Recovery

At Yeronga Chiropractic & Wellness we assist you to maximise your performance and recover from injury more effectively.

Pregnancy, Babies, Children & Family Care

Create a healthier and more active environment for your family.

Pain Relief

We assist you to gain faster relief from debility and pain.

Expert Care, Expert advice

Rehabilitation and preventative assessment and treatments.

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Meet Our Chiropractor

Are you new to the clinic?

  • New Patients

    Initial Consult: On your first visit there will be a quick form to fill out so we can start to review your main concerns and general health. Read more.

    Second visit: Once we have reviewed your case and any necessary x-rays, we will be able to ascertain what course of action is appropriate to achieve best results. Read more.

  • Regular Patients

    Recovery can take time and good management. Your regular visits will be scheduled at an appropriate frequency and we’ll discuss suitable times. Each visit will assess progress, and include treatment and recommendations.

    Your optimum recovery is dependant on its committed management. It is important that you follow your recommended plan of care – it is designed to progress healing and rehabilitation. Every adjustment builds on the one before. Read more

  • Information

    Chiropractic provides a safe alternative for pain relief. Seeking to address the cause of your problem and not just masking its symptoms you will enjoy more effective and longer lasting relief…you’ll move better too!

    Many comparative studies have been undertaken regarding the effectiveness of chiropractic and other methods of health care for back and neck related pain. Chiropractic has been ranked up there with the best. The profession is also proud to boast an excellent safety record. Read more.

Where to find us

Shop 3.6 Yeronga Village, 429 Fairfield Rd, Yeronga, QLD. 4104

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