• Welcome to the clinic!

    Welcome to the clinic!

    We’re very excited to open our new clinic in Yeronga. Our vision is simple: to provide the highest quality of healthcare through a professional and caring service. From children right through to the older generation, your Yeronga chiropractor will deliver service with the utmost care, and with the best outcome for you as our highest

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  • How often do I need a check up?

    How often do I need a check up?

    How often should I have my spine checked by a chiropractor? There are a wide range of reasons that people go to chiropractors. The most common symptomatic reasons are for low back pain, neck pain and headaches. Others may see a chiropractor for various musculoskeletal problems and other conditions Many people use chiropractors to assist

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  • Time to start living better

    Time to start living better

    The population is living longer, so let’s live better. Over a quarter of Australians are being forced into early retirement because of back or arthritic pain. Chronic back pain is one of the top three causes of disability in Australia. Postural fitness can prevent problems that may occur in your muscles, joints and ligaments, and

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