Sore Back? Consider A Chiro

In Australia, back pain was the second most prevalent chronic condition according to the 2020-21 ABS statistic[1]. It has also been noted that approximately 70-90% of all Australians are suffering from back pain at least once in their life[2]. With such a prevalent condition in our society, it is important to provide education and options for our community.

What is a back problem?

Back problems is an overarching term that may describe conditions related to bones, joints, connective tissue, muscles and nerves2. They can result in a worsened quality of life, psychological stress, disability and pain and can be a result from a number of causes such as work, sports, injuries, arthritis or disc disease[2]

There are a number of factors that increase the risk of experiencing back pain including; age, physical fitness, smoking, obesity and occupation[2].

How can Chiropractic help?

Chiropractic involves a hands on approach to increase joint and muscle function as well as provide education to patients on exercises and stretches. Chiropractor’s may provide care in the form of spinal manipulation or other manual therapies, provide an individualised health care treatment schedule and offer self-management guidelines. The goal of treatment may revolve around increasing function and movement, reducing pain and minimising disability.Know of someone who would benefit from chiropractic care? Contact us on (07) 3892 1440 or book through the booking link our website.

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