Your Back at Work – 2018!

 The year starts again and, unless you are lucky enough (yes, you know who you are) to have organised extended leave then your work year has begun as well.

Starting the year inspired can take some work. But it can be a lot easier if you are feeling, and functioning HEALTHY. Health helps happiness and happiness helps everything you do in life, and so on. Your job and your workplace is no exception.

If we are healthy and happy at work we are more productive and contribute more for our team. Conversely, poor health often results in poor productivity, performance, attendance, and team engagement etc – not much fun for anyone.

Here are a few tips that we recommend that’ll get you in the right shape for a successful year!


“Short” story: 7-9 hours seems to be what’s recommended folks. Even a small decrease in this over time can lead to mild to moderate sleep deprivation. This will impair cognition and performance on a level that you may not even recognise but its effect can increase insidiously.

Adequate sleep is necessary for almost every system in your body. Your neuromusculoskeletal system requires it to repair, recover, and get stronger. A lack of healthy sleep can lead to muscle fatigue, tension, loss of coordination and risk of injury, and joint related stiffness/pain.

So to, health related problems including conditions affecting your back, neck etc can impair your sleep. If this ticks a box for you, seek help to enjoy a good night’s rest.


An ergonomic workstation will minimise stress on your joints and muscles, reducing fatigue and risk of repetitive strain injury. Poor ergonomics can easily result in pain, fatigue, focus/concentration problems and office discordance.

Options such as a good chair, variable height desk, ergonomic computer equipment and appropriate positioning are good to consider.  Get in touch with your office WHS representative for an assessment. We are also happy to offer assessments and advice.


Varied, daily exercise and activity is what is recommended. You have to be work and life “fit”. A mix of regimented exercise in the form of gym, swimming, running, cycling, walking etc . On top of its well-known benefits for physical health regular exercise is fantastic for your mental health and happiness, and its impact on stress – try it! You can thank us later.

Taking regular breaks to move, stretch, and snack allows your body to reset its clock. It will help to sustain your energy and productivity/ focus by reducing physical and mental fatigue.

Healthy eating speaks for itself. Your food and fluid intake is your fuel. Keep it clean and it’ll look after you. Whilst we, at Yeronga Chiropractic, provide general nutritional and dietary advice, we have practitioners that we refer to for more in-depth management.


Exercise, mobility and flexibility are very important for spinal health, and it goes without saying that your spinal health is very important for your health. Like most of the maintenance routines in our lives (car servicing, dental check-ups, medical check-ups, vet check-ups for pets), regular spinal check-ups can be of benefit.

If you are experiencing pain or stiffness in your lower back, hips, neck or shoulders; or headaches, do not ignore it. The longer a problem remains the more complicated it can become. A thorough examination followed by appropriate treatment or recommendations will aid your recovery.









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