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Things First Time Chiropractic Patients Should Know

  • What is Chiropractic?

    Chiropractic is a drug free treatment that can be effective for a range of neuromusculoskeletal concerns. It has a high safety record is backed by research.
    Chiropractors enjoy one of the highest levels of patient satisfaction in health care.

    Chiropractic provides a safe alternative for pain relief. Seeking to address the cause of your problem and not just masking its symptoms, you will enjoy more effective and longer lasting relief… you’ll move better too!

  • What conditions do Chiropractors treat?

    Chiropractors manage a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders. Whilst they are more popularly known for assisting patients manage or recover from:

    • Headaches
    • Neck and shoulder pain
    • Back pain
    • Hip pain
    • Disc injuries
    • Sciatica and referred pain.
    • Postural and mobility concerns
    • Scoliosis and associated pain
    • Muscle injuries

    The scope of chiropractic care also includes and is not limited to:

    • Recovery and rehabilitation from athletic injury
    • Upper limb (shoulder, elbow, arm, wrist) injuries and pain
    • Carpal Tunnel and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
    • Lower limb (hip, knee, ankle, leg, foot) injuries and pain

    Whether your concern be pain from a joint, muscle or nerve injury, or a minor discomfort, it is worth enquiring as to how chiropractic care and advice may assist you to feel better and move better.

  • Initial Consult

    On your first appointment we’ll discuss these concerns in more depth in order to obtain accurate details of the issue. We can then move on to a thorough examination. During your examination we’ll be assessing your posture, mobility, neurological and muscular function, specific orthopaedic and chiropractic tests.

    This will help to determine the type and severity of your problem (diagnosis) and what we decide to be the best course of action from there (to begin treatment, x-rays, further referral).

    We will provide some treatment at this stage to aid relief, unless further investigation is required beforehand.

    If possible, please fill out the relevant form below before your appointment and bring it along.

    General patient forms (PDF) Child patient forms (PDF)
  • Follow Up Care and recommendations for future management

    Managing a problem back to recovery is often a process. Initially, adequate care may require appointments scheduled at a higher frequency. As recovery progresses, care should involve less frequent appointments with proactive advice for you to continue with.

    At any stage your care will be discussed with you with a rationale as to “why”.  Your care provider will always seek your agreement before going forward with recommendations. It is always your choice and we will provide you with advice and information to help you stay informed.

  • How Long Will Each Appointment Last?

    Allow approximately 30 minutes for the first two appointments to cover history, examination and treatment. Appointments thereafter are not necessarily timed but allow for a 15 minute window. Time will depend on what management is necessary for you and how you are progressing with your care.

  • How Much Will it Cost?

    Your initial appointment will go for 30 minutes. The initial consultation fee (including treatment) will incur a fee of $110.

    Follow up appointments are priced at $65 or $55 if you have a concession card (pensioner or full time student)

    We have HICAPS facilities available that accept all private health funds.

    We accept DVA and Medicare claims for EPC/CDM referrals from your General Practitioner. Payments are put through by our clinic staff.

Things First Time Chiropractic Patients Should Know

  • What should I wear to my appointments?

    Your chiropractors will be able to adapt to almost anything! Whether you’ve come straight from work, the gym, or home we will adapt to make sure that you are comfortable. We have modesty towels when required. If you are comfortable, we are comfortable.

    That said, if time permits, many patients will change into comfortable, unrestrictive clothing before their appointment.

  • Will It Hurt?

    Areas that are already sore can be tender. Your chiropractor will work within your tolerance and back off if an area is too sore. Chiropractic adjustments aren’t, by design, painful. Your chiropractor will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during your care and modify treatment when necessary.

  • Chiropractic is evidenced based and has a great safety record

    Research supports the effectiveness and safety record of chiropractic care when compared to other health care options.

    The profession enjoys a very high patient satisfaction rate.

    Your chiropractors will take the time to explain your condition, any potential concerns, and their suggested management options before proceeding with care and/or during your future care with us.

  • Is Chiropractic Suitable for All Ages and Pregnancy?

    From babies to pensioners your chiropractors will modify their examination, treatment techniques and recommendations appropriately. This is also the case throughout the progress stages of your pregnancy. All our chiropractors have undertaken further study in the treatment of babies and kids. You are in good hands!

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