Are you experiencing pain or strange sensations (pins and needles, numbness ect) travelling down the back of your leg or into your foot?

This is a common presentation for those suffering from sciatica, or irritation to the sciatic nerve!

The sciatic nerve is a long nerve that runs from the lumbar spine down to your feet. This nerve can be irritated at various points along its pathway however commonly this occurs in the lumbar spine or the gluteus muscles. Once irritation to this nerve occurs, it can result in pain, numbness, muscle weakness or altered sensations in the legs.

Current evidence based research supports conservative management for sciatic nerve pain including chiropractic care, education and exercise therapy. This multimodal approach allows us here at Yeronga Chiropractic to co-manage your condition with other allied health professionals including remedial massage, physiotherapy, exercise physiologists and more.

At Yeronga Chiropractic we will work with you to optimise your recovery and get you back to your best!

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