Stay Active Over Christmas

1 in 6 Australia’s suffer with back pain every day. Back pain can leave many people unable to engage
in an active lifestyle and lead to poor quality of life. With Christmas chaos fast approaching, it’s
important to stay active.

Here are a few spinal health tips to be mindful of over the festive season:

  • Walk – You may be tempted to vegetate on the couch in a food coma but get out and move!
    Take advantage of the beautiful weather and your time off. Only 30 minutes can help to
    keep you active
  • Stretch – Daily stretching can help maintain good posture and a healthy spine. Ask Aidan for
    some exercises or download ACA’s “Straighten Up” app.
  • Chill out – Meditation or simply taking time out to stare at the sky is great way to give mind and spine a break this Christmas. It will help you unwind from the rush and madness the festive season brings. Practicing meditation, or even some quiet time out, allows us to refocus and be present in the moment. Take a step back, relax, and take some deep breaths to reset. Meditation is great way to give mind and spine a break this Christmas.
  • Seek help if in need – Got some time off over Christmas? Get your spine in order and visit a chiro. Some treatment to get everything moving and relieve pain and stiffness, may be just what you need this festive season.

But overall, rest well, eat well and move well – a healthier you for Christmas!

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