Time to start living better

The population is living longer, so let’s live better. Over a quarter of Australians are being forced into early retirement because of back or arthritic pain. Chronic back pain is one of the top three causes of disability in Australia.

Postural fitness can prevent problems that may occur in your muscles, joints and ligaments, and it can also prevent potential injury. By building up core muscle strength and improving our postural fitness, we can protect and stabilise our spine. We can restore and maintain healthy spinal joints and mobility with chiropractic check-ups.

Around the workplace people should consider new ways to combat the problems from sitting down for too long. Make small changes to improve your postural fitness and limit time spent sitting.

At home it’s important for everyone to be aware of their posture, especially children. While playing video games or watching TV, children tend to sit with their head and chin forward which jams the top part of the neck joints. Symptoms of prolonged screen time include visual impairment, headaches and a variety of physical pains including low back pain and repetitive strain.

You can also visit the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia’s (CAA) website www.whatsyourposture.com.au for more information and resources.


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