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Many consider chiropractic care as a form of medicine meant exclusively for adults. However, chiropractic can also have numerous significant benefits for kids, toddlers, and babies as well. From the moment they are born—and even before—children are exposed to stressors and activities that can affect their spines and overall development. Having a skilled paediatric chiropractor who can address your child’s spinal misalignments and other issues is essential to guarantee the healthiest development possible.

At Yeronga Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, we are happy to treat children of any age—from babies to children to teenagers. Dr Aidan McGuigan is a qualified paediatric chiropractor. He is experienced in hip issues, neonatal reflexes, scoliosis (the curvature of the spine) and issues spinal function. However, he is happy to offer insight on any childhood chiropractic issues.

Why Children Need Chiropractic Check-up Following Birth

Why should you seek out a skilled chiropractor for babies or kids? Consider this: your child’s spinal development can be affected by the baby’s position in utero. How a baby’s position in the womb impacts the ease or difficulty of birth is well known and well documented at this point. Far less well known, though, is that an awkward position in the womb has consequences beyond a difficult birth.

Indeed, an infant forced to endure a suboptimal foetal position can develop spinal dysfunctions. A dysfunctional spine, in turn, can create problems with the nervous system. Because of the nervous system’s wide-reaching influence on bodily health, development and overall wellness, the chain reaction can continue to the point where it affects a child’s health.

Poor foetal position is just the beginning of the equation, too. The birthing process—be it traditional or caesarean— can be traumatic for both the mother and the child. A baby’s spine can be damaged further during birth, which can lead to additional nervous system problems and health complications.

It’s often difficult to know for sure if a baby’s spine is misaligned, imbalanced or injured when the child comes out of the womb. Scoliosis is a condition that tends to become more visually evident as a child continues to grow, but isn’t usually present right at birth.

What parents do often notice are other symptoms: irritability/colic, lack of good mobility, awkward posturing of the head or limbs, breastfeeding issues, and sleep issues (from discomfort). As a child grows, the problems caused by spinal dysfunction can become more noticeable. Spinal problems can affect developmental milestones such as how a child learns to hold up their head, sit up, crawl or walk.

Getting a chiropractic check-up for babies shortly after birth, during their infancy, growth and development—is beneficial to prevent or treat these issues. At Yeronga Chiropractic, you can trust us as your chiropractors for safe and effective care.

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Continued Care

The benefits of paediatric chiropractic care don’t stop after the child is no longer an infant. As your children start crawling, walking and becoming more active, the potential need for check-ups and care remain.

Kids learning to walk tend to fall a lot. Playground falls and bumps are common. Backpacks can get heavy and put undue strain on your child’s spine. Youth sports, despite all attempts to make them safe, can still result in collisions, falls or hits that can contribute to imbalances and cause injuries. Poor posture, weight gain, a lack of good exercise and physical development, and prolonged screen time can also put excessive stress onto growing bodies.


Safety of Chiropractic for Children and Babies

Children are not small adults, nor should they be treated that way. Paediatric chiropractic utilises appropriate techniques and pressure to cooperate with your child’s age, body type and development.

Very gentle mobilisations and adjustments are employed with your and your child’s consent. All aspects of examination, care and advice are openly discussed so that you may be satisfied with your decision regarding the need, the efficacy, and the safety of our care. (1,2)

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Schedule an Appointment for Your Child Today

Having a chiropractor for kids and babies on your team is a good way to keep up with all the stressors and injuries that children tend to accumulate over the years. Appropriately timed check-ups, for both infants and growing kids, can give your children the best chance possible for healthy musculoskeletal and neurological development.

If you are interested in making an appointment with a chiropractor who specialises in children, Yeronga Chiropractor & Wellness Centre is the place to be. Give us a call on (07) 3892 1440 to book your appointment or learn a little more about why chiropractic care is so important for children and infants.