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Anyone from those who participate in regular exercise to world famous athletes understand the importance of maintaining good function to achieve their best. Athletic success—whether you are a competitive athlete or a hobbyist—can be an incredibly rewarding achievement. Unfortunately, our bodies often pay the price for our sports-related training and triumphs, with our muscles, joints and bones bearing the brunt of the hard work.

Experienced Sports Chiropractor in Brisbane

An experienced sports chiropractor in Brisbane can help you get back on the field or out on the court again faster. At Yeronga Chiropractic, we provide several types of service as part of our sports chiropractic work.

  • What Is Sports Chiropractic?

    Higher-impact sports like running, tennis, netball, basketball, rugby, AFL and soccer tend to bring the worst sporting injuries—both short-term and long-term. However, apart from all the benefits exercise offers, anyone who is athletically active risks muscle injury, spinal misalignments and more.

    In recent years, chiropractic care has become a highly valuable asset for athletes everywhere. Regardless of sport, goal, level of achievement or geographical location, all athletes have at least one thing in common: they want to push themselves hard and keep their fitness at an optimal level without being held back by injury.

    Even a mild injury can take the fun out of exercise, make it difficult to lead an active life or hold you back from achieving your goals. More major injuries can threaten your athletic career or leave you sidelined for months at a time—a frustrating experience in the best of scenarios and a costly one in the worst.

  • What is included in Sports Chiropractic?

    For these reasons many amateur and high-level athletes and teams utilise chiropractic care and appreciate the results. Yeronga Chiropractic & Wellness Centre is pleased to offer patients a place to pursue sports chiropractic care.

    Our services include sports-related injury and pain relief. By using a variety of different treatments—including:

    • spinal care,
    • muscle therapy and rehabilitative exercises.

    We can help athletes reduce pain , recover from injuries effectively and in good time, and maintain their bodies for future athletic pursuits.

  • Can you help with Injury Co-Management?

    If a sports injury has befallen you, Yeronga Chiropractic is willing to help in any way possible. We understand that athletes often work with numerous professionals to get over injuries—including general physicians, trainers, coaches, physical therapists and more.

    We are happy to be part of your team, collaborating with your other doctors and experts to provide a cohesive and effective treatment for your injury. We even already have relationships with several sports clubs in the Brisbane area.

  • How do you handle sports rehabilitation?

    Using a variety of treatment techniques, our sports injury chiropractors will help you rebuild your strength, flexibility, mobility and range of motion en route to complete injury recovery. We won’t rush things, as going too fast with injury rehabilitation often just makes matters worse.

    Instead, we will work with you and your other healthcare professionals to help you overcome your injury fully, avoid re-injury and get back to the game or sport that you love.

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