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Having a chiropractor for kids and babies on your team is a good way to keep up with all the stressors and injuries that children tend to accumulate over the years. Appropriately timed check-ups, for both infants and growing kids, can give your children the best chance possible for healthy musculoskeletal and neurological development.

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Back Pain During Pregnancy: Inevitable or Avoidable?

Because of these factors, back pain tends to be a common struggle for women who are pregnant. In fact, many health care professionals will tell pregnant women that back pain is simply a normal part of pregnancy and is, therefore, not a cause for alarm.

While pregnancy-related back pain is rarely a medical emergency, for those that suffer it, it can be significantly debilitating and lead to further complications. It doesn’t have to be inevitable. Letting back and neck pain (or other related issues, like rib pain, abdominal pain, groin pain or sciatica) go untreated can make a pregnancy more painful and stressful than it needs to be.

Working with a pregnancy chiropractor in Brisbane can help to improve things. Using safe and appropriate chiropractic techniques, we can assist pregnant women in improving their posture and achieving greater bodily alignment. Improved spinal and pelvic alignment, in turn, can improve your mobility, diminish chronic pain and stiffness and even minimise the pain and discomfort of labour.

In addition to affecting comfort and pain, spinal alignment also impacts your nervous system. A spine that is “out of whack” can disturb the nervous system in obvious ways, leading to increased stress, difficulty sleeping and other unwelcome symptoms. By working with a chiropractor experienced in pregnancy in Brisbane, you can monitor the health of your spine and get the minor adjustments you need to remain happy, healthy and comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

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Pregnancy and the Effect on Your Spine

To understand why chiropractic care can be beneficial during pregnancy, it is first important to comprehend why back pain problems are common for pregnant women.

There are several causes for the spine-related pains that a woman may feel throughout her pregnancy. In most cases, the problems are chocked up to changes in weight and posture. Indeed, while pregnant, you are carrying a lot more weight and your body overall is changing. These changes can affect how you carry yourself, and such postural alterations—even small ones—can create bad habits that lead to back and neck pain.

However, posture and weight gain are only parts of the equation. In fact, changing hormone levels may be the number one cause behind pregnancy-related spinal issues. During pregnancy, the body releases a slew of different hormones.

One of these hormones, relaxin, brings about the relaxation of your body’s supporting tissues including muscles and ligaments. This hormone is important for an obvious reason: it helps prepare your body for the painful birthing process. However, the pelvic and uterine muscles are not the only parts of your body that feel the effects of relaxin. Relaxinalso impacts the rest of your body’s muscles—including back and neck muscles. As a result, these muscles may not be doing their job in stabilising and supporting your spine, which can worsen posture and heighten back pain.

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If you are pregnant and want to make the nine months of your pregnancy as comfortable and low-stress as possible, then chiropractic care is a highly recommended consideration. At Yeronga Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, we are happy to work with you to resolve any pain, discomfort, stress or mobility issues you may be having. As an experienced pregnancy chiropractor in Brisbane, Dr Aidan McGuigan will be able to explain your symptoms and offer safe, effective and appropriate treatments to help you eliminate them going forward.

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