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Chiropractic can help with:

Headaches and Migraine

Chronic headache and migraine problems can make virtually any activity challenging. Work becomes a chore, gatherings with friends and family lose their fun and exercise is out of the question. All you want to do is climb into bed, bury your head under the pillow and try to sleep it off.

Sometimes, sleep is just the medicine you need. However, when you are struggling with constant headaches or chronic migraines, it’s more likely that there is something at work that sleep itself can’t solve. A great first step would be to contact Yeronga Chiropractic & Wellness Centre and schedule an appointment to sit down and discuss your symptoms with our chiropractors.

  • Migraines

    Usually manifest as intense and highly debilitating headaches, to the point where individuals suffering from migraines often do have to lay down. How can you tell if it’s a migraine? Typically, a migraine will be localised to one side of the head, will exhibit throbbing symptoms and will be marked by disturbances in your vision. Nausea may also be present with a migraine headache.

    Other common types of headaches include tension headaches and cervicogenic headaches. A tension headache will typically be felt around the scalp and can occur frequently. When severe they can mimic migraine without the myriad of symptoms.  Cervicogenic headaches, meanwhile, tend to manifest themselves on one side head or face, and commonly behind one of your eyeballs. You might also feel the pain in your neck. These types of headaches can also lead to nausea, but don’t bring the visual disturbances or throbbing pain of a migraine. They are primarily caused by dysfunction or strain to the upper joints and muscles of the neck.

  • Treating Your Headache Symptoms with Chiropractic

    While the natural impulse when you experience these symptoms may well be to go to sleep or take medication,  it’s worth a visit to the chiropractor for an assessment to try to get to its source and avoid chronic headache problems.

    For both migraine headaches and tension headaches, the causes can be ambiguous and multifactorial, though stress, muscle tension, poor joint mechanics, food triggers and lifestyle factors are often implicated. Cervicogenic headaches, meanwhile, are secondary headaches, which means that they result from another illness or issue. These types of headaches originate in the neck.

    In any case, chiropractic treatment has proven to be effective in treating the symptoms of headaches—if not the causes themselves. Naturally, a spinal adjustment can correct the alignment of the neck and shoulders, thereby eliminating whatever is causing a cervicogenic headache. However, adjustments and other chiropractic techniques can also be beneficial for other types of headaches. By eliminating tension in the body, promoting relaxation, improving nerve function and joint mechanics and diminishing stress, chiropractic care can often provide an effective way of reducing the frequency and severity of migraines and headaches.

    So too, advice regarding exercise, posture, diet and other lifestyle factors will also be beneficial when appropriate.

  • Consult a Chiropractor

    Sometimes, it can seem like a headache will never come to an end. You’ve tried all the common remedies—hydration, fresh air, sleep and painkillers—but to no avail. If you haven’t tried chiropractic treatment yet, though, then it might be time for a consultation.

    At Yeronga Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, we want to help you kick your headache or migraine problem. Headaches can drastically impact your quality of life, and chiropractic treatment might be able to help. Whether our treatment diminishes the frequency of your migraine, produces slightly milder symptoms or helps you shake off a chronic headache problem for good, it’s certainly worth a visit to find out.

    Call Yeronga Chiropractic today to schedule your initial consultation. When you arrive at our office, we will speak with you at length to understand both your current headache issues and your medical history. With this information and a thorough physical examination, we will  develop a plan to help you towards recovery.

    If you are interested in scheduling an appointment at Yeronga Chiropractic, you can give us a call on (07) 3892 1440. We look forward to working with you and helping you free yourself from your struggles with pain and poor mobility.

Different Headache Diagnoses

First off, there is no such thing as a “just a normal headache” – pain is a sign that something is not happy/something needs to be done.

It’s also important to realise that a headache is not just one type of condition, and therefore does not have just one cause, diagnosis or remedy. On the contrary, there are many different types of headaches, and all of them can be due to various factors. Not all headaches can be helped with chiropractic care. However, some of the most common headache varieties are conditions that chiropractic can help to treat. Whatever the type, it is important to get them checked out to identify their cause and seek relief.

The most common types of  headaches are grouped into:

  • Tension type headaches
  • Cervicogenic headaches
  • Migraines

Other varieties may be linked to sinus infections, teeth issues or, eye problems. Much less frequently, further evaluation may be required to exclude or identify a more sinister issue.

Sufferers can also manifest a combination of multiple types/causes of their headaches. All sensation from the structures of the head and neck are registered by a region in the brainstem called the trigeminal nucleus. It’s because of this that pain can be referred from one area to another when this region becomes overstimulated.

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