Sciatica and leg pain

Leg Pain and Sciatica can affect people in many different ways. Whether it’s severe chronic leg pain, back pain or an aching pain that has worsened over time, shooting pain travelling down the back of your thigh, calf or foot, Sciatica can cause discomfort and anxiety.

The sciatic nerve is a long nerve that runs from the base of your spine and down your legs to your feet. When the sciatic nerve is compressed or inflamed, it can result in pain, numbness, muscle weakness or a prickly sensation all the way down the nerve. Since the nerve extends through so much of your body, these symptoms can manifest themselves in your lower back, your buttocks, all the way down your legs and even into your feet and toes. Sciatica is the term used to describe these symptoms.






The Cause of Sciatica

Sciatica is a diagnosis for a particular type of pain that affects your legs. However, the term Sciatica itself refers to the condition and symptoms—not to the cause itself. As mentioned, Sciatica is caused by the pinching, inflammation or any other irritation of the Sciatic nerve. The pinching or irritation of the Sciatic nerve, meanwhile, usually relates back to the spine. Injuries to the discs, joints, nerves, muscles and ligaments along the spine can often lead to irritation of the Sciatic nerve, which in turn leads to Sciatica symptoms.

To avoid Sciatica, it is important to maintain the health and alignment of your spine and stability of core muscles. Your Chiropractor can help to provide this type of preventative care, to help avoid Sciatica and its associated discomforts.

Other Causes of Referred Leg Pain

Injury or dysfunction affecting the local structures and tissues of the lower back and hips can also refer pain to the legs. The sacroiliac (pelvic) and hip joints are common sources. As are the gluteal, hip flexor, and piriformis muscles.


The Best Treatment for Sciatica and referred leg pain

While conditions like Sciatica may require multimodal diagnosis and management (treatment, time for recovery, rehabilitative exercise, and lifestyle advice), there is evidence and clinical experience that supports Chiropractic care and management of Sciatica.

Firstly, it is necessary for a Chiropractor to diagnose your condition accurately. If Sciatica is the diagnosis, the utilisation of effective techniques such as gentle spinal adjustments, stretching and soft tissue release techniques will help to restore your spinal function. These treatments will also increase your range of motion and assist in relieving pain. An experienced clinician will have confidence in treating Sciatica and can help you manage unwelcome symptoms, and aid recovery.

Acupuncture can also be an effective treatment for Sciatica symptoms. As both a Chiropractic clinic and a more comprehensive wellness centre, we have a qualified Acupuncturist on staff.

At Yeronga Chiropractic, we will start all therapy for Sciatica by locating the cause of the problem. This information can tell us whether or not we will be the appropriate medical professional to assist in relieving and resolving your pain. If we find your condition requires referral for further investigation, we will discuss that with you and refer appropriately.

Need help?

Whether you need an official diagnosis for your Sciatica or are interested in learning more about the benefits of our care for Sciatica pain relief, Yeronga Chiropractic can assist you. From back pain to leg pain, numbness in the legs to pain in the buttocks region, many lower-body pains or irritations can be traced back to something involving the Sciatic nerve. Talking to a provider experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of Sciatica, and finding out the cause of the problem, is the best way to plan effective pain management and recovery.

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