8 Ways To Create An Active Workplace

We all know the benefits of keeping active, but how can we embrace and promote this within the workplace?

  • Go local for meetings, workshops and catch ups – take a walking meeting, or walk to your favourite local place (ie cafe, park)
  • Experiment with different desk and seating arrangements
  • Encourage (and role model!) taking micro-breaks has proven to be very beneficial for posture, focus and for muscle fatigue. It is recommended to take 30-60 second breaks every 20 minutes to stand and stretch
  • Allow for flexible work arrangements where possible so employees can make time for physical activity
  • Create visual reminders and dedicated spaces for stretching and movement
  • Create friendly, active competition amongst your team to help them get moving more (ie. 10,000 steps challenge)
  • Introduce discounted gym memberships and other incentives with local wellbeing operators/services
  • Create an active day every month, quarter, year and arrange healthy activities for staff to enjoy, learn and participate in.


  1. Can help establish and maintain positive workplace mental health
  2. Have happier, healthier employees that are more motivated and productive in the workplace, boosting morale
  3. Regular exercise routines can boost work performance, improving cognition, mental flexibility and memory
  4. Can help reduce stress and anxiety
  5. Research also shows that just one hour of exercise a week can aid in reducing depression rates

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