Do I Need X-rays?

As chiropractors, we get asked a lot of questions but this one seems to pop up a lot. Do I need to have x-rays of my spine? 

Patients often wonder if they should have x-rays, when to have them, why to have them, what benefit do they get out of it.

While a simple question, the answer is not so simple because the reality is that it depends. Taking x-rays of the spine or extremities is done on a case by case basis because we aim to only take x-rays if it will affect our diagnosis, management or referral point. If taking an x-ray is unlikely to influence this, we don’t tend to take them!

In a case where x-rays are warranted, your chiropractor can refer you for x-rays at a medical imaging facility, where it is bulk billed by Medicare.

Why might taking an x-ray be helpful?

This is beneficial in cases to assess injury, degenerative changes, neuropathy (nerve entrapment), or for an underlying pathology. X-rays are typically taken after a trial of conservative care, and if there is no change or improvement in the musculoskeletal condition x-rays can be beneficial in the event there is an underlying cause.

If you are referred for x-rays, your chiropractor will then book a longer appointment next time you visit to go through the images and explain the findings and then discuss what this means for your treatment plan and future care.


If you have questions regarding if you might need x-rays, or if you have questions about the x-ray process chat to our reception staff or book in with Dr Aidan!

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