Good Health Habits for Our Kids

Here are some healthy tips to improve spinal health in our children

  • Posture

Our kids spend a lot of time sitting in classrooms and in front of devices. Encourage your kids to sit
upright, shoulders back and relaxed with feet the ground. Also monitor their posture while standing
and during activity. Need advice? We can help!






  • Screen time

Try to limit recreational screen time to 2 hours, or less, a day. Yes, the struggle is real! Keep screens
at eye level, which helps to avoid tech neck. Maintain a healthy balance between non-screen and
screen activities.

  • Exercise

Exercise is non-negotiable for a kid’s well-being and development! Our kids should be doing at least
60 minutes exercise a day.

  • Nutrition

Eat well! A well balanced nutritious diet is essential for growing and developing children. It gives
them energy to stay alert and be physically active.

  • Educate

Let’s teach our children to make the right decisions about their health and well-being.

AAAAND, best of luck to all the year 12s out there doing their ATAR exams and, of course, their
support teams.

Are your Kids Practising these Healthy Habits in School?

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