Eating a healthy lunch is important for so many reasons! Eating a nutrient packed lunch helps us avoid a mid-afternoon crash. Food gives us energy and eating the right foods is important in not only getting through our day but feeling great and having energy. Taking the time to prepare foods is key. This then prevents us from grabbing poor food choices or grabbing a quick processed food snack.

Giving kids the right food choices also sets them up for better learning, good memory and concentration. Teaching them about what foods we can enjoy to give us the right nutrients helps them ultimately become better at preparing foods as adults to prevent obesity and reduce anxiety and depression in our teenagers.

Skipping lunch leaves us starving by the time we get home from work or running errands. This leads to binge eating or the temptation to hit eating sweet things or nutrient poor food choices.

Taking time out of your busy day to eat lunch with a friend or co-worker helps you refresh and relationship build, two things that are great for our spirits!

So what should you eat to give you the right nutrition? The key lies in simplicity and preparing the day before. Stock up on simple, nutritious ingredients will enable you to stick to your eating plan and reduce the need to buy your food which will save you calories and your bank balance. Eating out adds calories as prepared foods have more preservatives and sauces which add up quickly.

Choose a protein source: organic/grass fed meat or chicken, eggs, fish, legumes such as chickpeas or beans and add a plentiful amount of vegetables.

Eat the rainbow!

Include leafy greens, capsicum, carrot, cucumber, beetroot, fresh herbs etc. The more variety you have the more your digestive system will thank you as you build more healthy gut bacteria by eating a wide range of healthy foods. Add a simple dressing such as extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice or a home -made dressing.

Eating left overs can make those busy mornings easier. For example: Frittata with a salad or poached chicken from the night before with tzatziki dip and a salad.

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