Pain-Free Travel Tips

Whilst there is nothing better than a great overseas trip, we are long distance travelling more than ever these days for holidays and work, and, it can put quite a stress on our health and regular routines. Long hours sitting in confined spaces, different beds, managing heavy, awkward luggage and even just the stress of travel can really give you a pain in the *insert relevant body region*!

In this blog post we hope to provide you with a few tips on how to keep yourself moving well and have a comfortable time away.

For the journey:

Fuel up, hydrate and sleep well:   Nothing like a good start. A long journey is can be stressful for you and your body. Take snacks, H2O and a well-rested you!

Plan ahead:   There are plenty of opportunities to break up a trip and give yourself time to move, stretch and refresh yourself. Many of our patients benefit from a check-up before or after their trip.

Get comfortable with good support:   The seating you use or are given is not always designed with you in mind. Every body is different. Your neck, back, shoulders and legs need comfort and support. Neck pillows, peanut pillows, lumbar supports, compression stockings and adjustable seats can all play their part. We stock peanut pillows for their versatility -they can be used to help support your neck and lower back.

Move and stretch regularly: A lot of pressure is put on your spinal joints during long term sitting. Your bodies systems (muscular, cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, endocrine etc.) don’t appreciate it either. Exercises help to keep maintain your bodily functions and serve to energise you during the long boring haul. Walk when you can, stretch how you can. We have some great exercise that you can do on the plane so please make sure to check these out for your next flight!

Self-massage:  Muscle tension can be relatively easy to manage with good stretching and massage. Use your spikey massage ball (stocked) or a tennis ball to get into the lower back, gluteal (buttock) muscles and between the shoulder blades.

For the muscles of your neck try this:

  • Hands clasped behind your head
  • Relax your shoulders
  • Use your thumbs to work along the muscles either side of your spine
  • Incorporate this with stretching

If in need, seek help: Chiropractors and musculoskeletal practitioners can be found all over the world. We are happy to email details of treatment if required.


🌅 When you get there:

Healthy Eating: Ok, we get it, holidays are holidays. Moderation is best, enough said!

Get Moving: An active holiday will help you relax! Exercise is great for your body and your mind. A minimum of 30 minutes per day of walking, swimming, hitting the gym or using your own exercise routine all counts.

Sleep Well: Maintaining a good night’s rest will pay dividends for your energy levels and is very important for your healthy recovery from the day before. Your bed is also important. Not many beds are as good as our own, but, if you aren’t happy with your hotel bed, don’t be afraid to query options with management.

A Working Trip: Getting stuck in a seminar/meeting for hours on end or working at someone else’s desk or your hotel room dining table can’t be avoided. Try to sit somewhere where you can get up and discretely move around a bit if you can, walk between meetings, and set up your work space as ergonomically as you can. Prop up your laptop and use an external keyboard and mouse to help avoid the laptop hunch.

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