Did you know you spend 33% of your life sleeping, according to the National Centre on Sleep. A good nights’ sleep allows your body to regenerate and repair.  Awkward and poor sleeping positions may cause neck or back pain. Sadly, stomach sleeping is bad for your back!

Here are some ways to keep your spine in mind:

Sleep on your side

  • Keep your lower leg straight and bend your upper leg. Placing a pillow between your knees will provide alignment and reduce pressure on your spine

Sleep on your back

  • Pop a pillow under your knee for extra support. This helps to keep the natural curve of your spine, reducing strain on your lower back.

Support your head and neck

  • A chiropractor can customise and correctly fit you with a pillow
  • Help promote healthy sleeping posture
  • Most pillows when lying on your back do not hold integrity, therefore cervical lordosis is lost and the neck flattened.
  • Correctly fitted pillow will help support cervical spine

See a Chiro

  • A chiropractor can provide advice and assistance with maintaining spinal health at night.
  • An adjustment can help ease tension in joints, muscles and ligaments improving movement and function.
  • Promote relaxation

How can a Chiropractor improve your sleep?




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